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Anubis Arms is now providing a NJ Concealed Carry Course. 



This is a 3-hour qualification class that meets the current requirements for obtaining a New Jersey Permit to Carry.  We will discuss New Jersey's use of force laws for private citizens. Upon mastering holster draw techniques in the classroom, participants will proceed to the range and complete the CCW shooting qualification. This includes the Civilian Carry Assessment and Range Evaluation, as mandated by the New Jersey State Police and Attorney General. Upon successful completion of the class, participants will receive a S.P.182 qualification form from the NJSP.


The shooting qualification, mandated by the NJ State Police and Attorney General, involves shooting at a maximum distance of 15 yards from the holster. Participants must hit at least 40 out of 50 shots (80%) and demonstrate safety and proficiency throughout the qualification.



  • Pistol you wish to qualify with

  • Hip holster (Inside Waist Band (IWB) 

    • No cross-draw, shoulder holsters, or appendix/rear holsters
    • You will be required to draw from concealment
  • Equipment and Ammunition

    • Additional magazines (3 total preferred)
    • Minimum 100 rounds of factory-loaded ammunition
    • Eye and ear protection
  • Attire

    • Loose-fitting overshirt to allow for drawing from concealment
    • Sturdy gun belt
    • Jeans or Tactical Pants
    • NO sweatpants or shorts
    • NO open-toed shoes
  • Driver's License/NJ FID

    • Must not be expired
    • Must be 21 years or older
    • NJ FID address MUST match your FID



Anubis Arms cannot be held liable or responsible for any changes that occur after you complete any training and/or qualifications used in your submission. These are the current NJ Civilian Carry Assessment and Range Evaluation (CCARE) accepted qualification requirements.


This course is not recommended for beginner shooters. All participants are expected to be proficient with their firearm. A holster will be required for this course. We will be training on how to draw from a holster. The qualification is pass or fail.


If you fail to qualify due to unsafe practices or poor marksmanship, you will have to pay and retake the qualification.

NJ Concealed Carry Course(June 22nd at 1pm)

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